At Claussen Farms Custom Farming Inc. we continue to have the latest in agriculture technology to serve our clients. We encourage you to review the full line-up of equipment that we use in our operation. Please scroll down or select one of the Categories of Equipment from the list below to learn more about the Equipment that we use.


Case IH 8230

Claussen Farms Case 8230

This combine features: high float tires, a 40 ft Draper flexhead with Case Auto Contour header height control and AWS air reel system, Geringhoff RotaDisc 12 row corn head, a fine cut active spread straw chopper, a windrow independent chaff spreader, an AFS 700 Pro yield monitor, and auto steer.

Grain Buggies

Claussen Farms Grain Buggies

Each combine is accompanied by a grain buggy. This increases harvesting efficiency, reduces soil compaction and allows filling trailers and trucks on roads off the fields. A weigh scale allows calibrating and monitoring the combine yield monitor in the field and to take off and weigh test plots.

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Fertilizing and Spraying

Rauch Aero 2218 Fertilizer Spreader

Claussen Farms Rauch Aero 2218

The Rauch spreader is used for spreading dry fertilizer. The airboom allows an even spread even under windy conditions or when using minor quality but cheaper fertilizers.The rate is electronically adjusted and autosteer avoids overlaps and misses.

Fertilizer is supplied to the spreader via trucks with auger fertilizer boxes.

John Deere 4930 Sprayer

Claussen Farms John Deere 4930

Our two pull type sprayers have been replaced by a John Deere 4930 sprayer. The sprayer specs are:

  • 120 ft boom
  • 1200 ga tank
  • boom height control
  • automatic boom shut off
  • autosteer
  • 380/95R54 tires
  • 120"-150" track adjustment
  • 60" underframe clearance
  • 9.5 ft under-boom clearance
  • high volume plumbing
  • boom lift kit to 10 ft height

All of these features enable us to perform all spraying jobs including spraying tasseled corn and in-crop 28% application. The sprayer float holds 3700 ga of water and all of the chemicals needed for a day's work.

Tender Trucks

We are using 3 tender trucks with auger boxes to supply seed and fertilizer to the planting units and fertilizer spreader. This allows for the fastest refill procedure to cut down on waiting time.

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Claas 8550 Butterfly Mower

Claussen Farms Claas 8550 Butterfly Mower

The Claas butterfly unit is equipped with tine conditioners and merger belts. This allows us to adjust the conditioning intensity and it allows us to drop windrows every 10, 18 and 28 ft. Those windrows are spread 12 to 14 ft wide so that a fast and consistent drydown is achieved and windrows can be harvested without any additional merging. This reduces costs, allows a consistent feed squality and reduces the probability of feed contamination with dirt and leaf losses dramatically.

Claas Forage Harvesters

Claussen Farms Claas Harvesters

There are currently 2 Claas Jaguar forage harvesters available. A 930 and a 960. The machines are equipped with floatation radial tires that have variable rate tire pressure systems, kernel processors, and inoculant applicators. Claas RU 450 and Orbis 750 row-independent corn heads are used for corn silage and Claas PU 380 and 430 pickup heads are used in alfalfa silage. Corn Cob meal is harvested with a John Deere 893 8 row snapper head. Micro rasp bars, re-cutter screen and rasp-bar feed floors are used for Cob meal and High Moisture corn processing.

Silage Dumptrailers

Silage hauling is done with tandem axle dumptrailers. We have 30 m cubed dumptrailers for rent and 36 to 42 m cubed dumptrailers running behind our tractors. All trailers have flotation tires and a few units have steering axles as well. All trailers have hydraulic 4 wheel brakes. One trailer is equipped with a weigh scale to measure weight and yield.

Kuhn MaxxMerge 900

Claussen Farms Kuhn MaxxMerge 900

This merger allows us to create silage with a uniform moisture in windrows anywhere from 10 to 70 ft apart. Combined with the widespread options on the mowers, the merger allows us to achieve haylage in a day. Due to the increased capacity of the harvesters, the amount of field traffic can be minimized to prohibit soil compaction and damage to the alfalfa crowns and also at the same time to mitigate weather risks.

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Flexicoil Aircarts

Aircarts are very efficient tools for metering seed and fertilizer. We have 1 Flexicoil aircart that is used in combination with the planters to supply seed and fertilizer. Aircarts are also used for sidedressing urea into corn.

Variable rate metering systems and float tires are standard equipment as well as the rear 3 pt hitch. The split tanks allow the metering of 2 or 3 different products at the same time.

Amazone EDX 9000-TC

Claussen Farms Amazone EDX 9000

We purchased the Amazone EDX planter in the spring of 2013. It is a 12 row 30" corn planter with the capacity of a 16 or 18 row planter. This planter is run at speeds of 8.5 mph to 10 mph. It is a very compact unit with a dry fertilizer tank and two central seed tanks. The secret of this machine's precise seed placement lays in its unique row units with big gauge wheels and rubber block suspension on parallel arms. It is amazing to see the smooth bounce free run of the row units and precise seed placement that comes with it.

Big fill ports, central seed and fertilizer tanks, and the high speed road undercarriage allow for less set up time and more field productivity.

Vaderstad RDA 800C

Claussen Farms Vaderstad RDA 800

Need for speed! This is how to best describe the Rapid drill concept. The drill performs best at speeds around 10 mph so that the 27 ft RDAC 800 is equal in capacity to a 40 ft airseeder.

The Rapid can plant in notill, mintill or conventional conditions with doing disc tillage or without. The 3 independent product compartments allow placing 3 different seeds or fertilizer at the same time. When doing that, row spacings can be selected as 5", 10", 15", 20", or fine seeds being can be broadcasted. The planting options and configurations are almost limitless.

The Rapid drill is the most sold conservation drill in Europe.

John Deere 1770 NT 16-Row Planter

This variable-rate planter is combined with a Flexi-Coil 2340 variable-rate air cart to band fertilizer within the row and beside the seed. The two compartments allow us to apply two different fertilizers at the same time.

John Deere 1790 Planter

The 1790 variable-rate planter is used for planting 30" corn or 15" soybeans in all tillage practices from conventional to notill. Liquid fertilizer can be placed with the seed or on top of the row. It is equipped with a belt conveyor for gentle and efficent loading of the seed and a seed treater for applying innoculants is integrated.

J&M Seed Tender

We have also added a J&M Seed Tender to the line up. This allows us to do a bulk seed or fertilizer delivery to the field. All functions are run off of one remote, so it can be operated by one person. The Seed Tender is also equipped with a scale, so we can meter out a certain amount of seed as well as use it as a weigh wagon for yield monitor calibrations and test plots.

J&M Seed Tender

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Road Conditioning

Wirtgen WS 2500 Towed Soil Stabilizer

Claussen Farms Wirtgen WS 2500

The Wirtgen 2500 is a tractor towed soilstabilizer. It can be used for soilstabilization projects by incorporating liquid or dry stabilizing products with soil. Lime and Cement stabilization are the most common soil stabilization processes.

The machine can also being used for asphalt crushing or asphalt pulverizing. This process is basically the in-place recycling of asphalt roads. The old asphalt surface is crushed to gravel size and becomes part of the base for the new pavement layer. The machine can crush asphalt up to 6" in thickness.

FAE MTH-250 Towed Soil Stabilizer

Claussen Farms FAE MTH-250

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The Aerway is a vertical tillage tools that is mainly used in conservation tillage applications. The Aerway does minimal soil disturbance and can run in combination with a Salford harrow or the Carrier disc.


Three different size cultivators are used a 30, 40 amd 50 ft machine. The shanks are equipped with 7.5" wide sweeps or 3" wide spikes, depending on ground conditions. Rollers or crumblers can be added to improve the seedbed finish.

Lemkin Diamant II Rollover Plow

Claussen Farms Lemkin Diamant II Plow

Vaderstad Carrier Disc

The Carrier is the most successful vertical tillage tool in Europe. It can be used for fall and spring tillage and we also used it successfully for breaking crusts over seeds after heavy rains.

Horsch Tiger MT 5

Claussen Farms Horsch Tiger MT 5

The Tiger is universal primary and secondary tillage tool. In fall it can be used for deeper tillage, residue sizing and ground levelling. In most cases 1 spring cultivating pass is sufficient for proper planting preparation. If set shallow it can be used in spring for seedbed preparation ahead of the planter or drill.

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Claussen Farms Tractors

We are currently operating with 10 Fendt tractors ranging from 180 hp to 320 hp, a John Deere 8320R, and a Claas Xerion 3800VC. All tractors are equipped with specific options to adapt to the required work conditions. Among these options are: hydraulic and air trailer brakes, front pto, front hitch, front and rear end loaders, dual tires, on board tire inflation systems, autosteer systems, and telematic systems.

Claas Xerion 3800VC

Claussen Farms Claas Xerion 3800VC

The Claas Xerion is probably one of the most versatile tractors available and that's why Claas calls it a System Tractor. It is equipped with certain unique features that set it apart from other tractors and some of the unique features are: four same-size wheels, a 60:40 front to back weight distribution, an IVT transmission, all wheel steering, an on board tire inflation system, a reversible cab, and all with 365 engine horsepower.

We use the Xerion in Spring and Fall for running the Vaderstad Rapid RDA 800C drill. During the silage harvests the Xerion is equipped with a rear end loader and with the reversible cab it becomes the ideal 27 tonne silage packing vehicle. In late Fall, the Xerion is pulling the Horsch Tiger MT 5 for primary Fall tillage.

The Xerion is a true year round machine when it is pushing a 11ft Smyth snowblower during the Winter months to clear roadsides and intersections.

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