Our Background and Company Overview

Sonke and Hauke Claussen

Claussen Farms Custom Farming Inc. is a custom farm service operation located in Brucefield, Ontario, Canada. It is operated by brothers Sonke and Hauke with their families who also run a cash crop farm.

Farm services include tillage, planting, spraying, fertilizing, mowing, forage harvesting, combining, and crop management.

Our friendly team of family members, full-time and part-time employees, students and neighbours are currently serving nearly 250 customers in Southwestern Ontario.

A modern, up to date and reliable line of machinery is the foundation to meet our goal to providing the best possible services to our customers.

New technologies such as GPS mapping, yield monitoring and guidance, air delivery technology and kernel processors were introduced over the last years and offered to our customers to help increase profitability.

Our Mission

Working with a team of highly motivated people to supply environmentally safe and economically sound services and products, and thereby constantly exceeding customer and buyer expectations through the use of innovative technologies and the implementation of the newest scientific research results.

Our Vision

Building a family owned business that is focused on solid financial success, preserving a healthy environment for all people involved, and being an innovation leader in a competitive marketplace.

Our Team

  • Doug Taylor - Operations Manager
  • Erin McGrath - Field Service Technician
  • Alex Hansen
  • Darcy Smith
  • Peter Bootsma
  • Brian McLeod
  • Wayne Dunn
  • Ron Westlake
  • Kevin Kale
  • Conrad MacVicar
  • Paul Gibbings
  • Updates