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Pioneer Product Sales

Claussen Farms Pioneer Product Sales

Claussen Farms Custom Farming has been a Pioneer sales agent since 2006. We are selling, supplying and servicing all Pioneer brand products such as seed and silage inoculants. Besides these cropping products, Pioneer is also offering a variety of added value special services such as FIT GPS yield mapping, silage surface infrared photography and crop related information during the growing season.

Contact us for any questions or needs you have and we will try to serve you to the best of our ability with Pioneer brand products.

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Crop Managament

Claussen Farms Crop Management

Our Crop Management Services are divided into 3 categories:

  • Individual Services
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Contract Farming

Individual Services

These services are offered on an on-call basis as needed and are charged individually. Once you call in we can provide the following services to you:

  • Crop Input Purchasing: We offer the option to be part of the input pooling group for buying fertilizer and chemicals, generate volume discounts, work with reliable independent input suppliers.
  • GPS & Precision Farming Services: GPS boundary mapping, GPS field entrance coordinates and topography mapping, autosteer, swath control, hand-held GreenSeeker NIR technology - used to assess health and vigor of the crop and calculates a fertilizer application.
  • Aerial Imagery:We are equipped with a Phantom 2 Vision + UAV to take aerial images of your farm and crops. This has proved to be a valuable asset in making farming decisions.
  • Mapping Services: GPS yield mapping of grain and forage crops, As-applied mapping for fertilizer and chemicals, including map layering.
  • Soil Sampling Services: Grid or random sampling with GPS coordinate, provide sampling map for customer, Sending samples for lab analysis and fertilizer recommendations.
  • Tissue Sampling: Can mark with GPS coordinates, take sample and have them analyzed to detect nutrition problems, only done if necessary or as discussed with customer.
  • Pre-Sidedress N Sampling: Take soil samples as discussed and deemed necessary to determine available Nitrogen from manure and other sources in early summer, samples are taken to a lab for analysis and fertilizer recommendations.
  • Field Scouting: Walking fields for regular scouting or problem solving, comes with a written report and recommendation.
  • Cropping Plans: Setting up and developing a cropping plan for the up coming season, outlining seed, fertilizer, chemical and tillage requirements and get it printed on a single work document, comes with no charge for spraying and planting customers.
  • One-on-One: Discussion and exchange about cropping issues, can be on a regular basis or as necessary throughout the season.
Claussen Farms Crop Management

Crop Monitoring

This service basically include all the individual service that do apply for a cropping season into one package and let’s us do the entire planning and monitoring. The following work steps are generally part of that service pack:

  • Meeting with the client to discuss general cropping intentions.
  • Set up a cropping plan that outlines all necessary work steps and inputs like seed, chemicals and fertilizer/ manure required and the necessary equipment needed, all inputs and work steps are shown with their individual costs.
  • GPS boundary mapping the field and recording the field entrance coordinates.
  • Several field scouts during the growing season with printed reports provided.
  • Do additional services as needed like Greenseeker N requirement measurement or Pre- sidedress- N sampling.
  • Do all available mapping of application, boundary and yield maps.
  • Meet with client in field during the cropping year.
  • Create a Cropping History Report at the end of the year showing the entire annual field history with its costs, yields and assumed net return based on crop sales price.
Claussen Farms Striptill Planting

Contract Farming

This is the highest level of our crop managing services. We do the entire crop monitoring and the actual field work for you and get paid for our services based on the actual yield results. We are taking responsibility for our actions and are sharing the cropping risks with you. In detail we are doing and supplying the following work steps:

  • We do the entire Crop Monitoring as described above.
  • We do all necessary field work to establish, produce and harvest the crop.
  • We use newest technology including Precision Farming Technology.
  • We work with the client to meet his cropping intentions and needs.
  • You own your crop we get paid based on results and performance.

Our objective is to maximize your net returns and being in compliance with agronomic and environmental sound farming practice. We are sure one of our Crop Management Services meets your needs and will work for you.

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