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At Claussen Farms Custom Farming Inc. we offer various soil stabilization, asphalt crushing, and road conditioning solutions. Please scroll down or select one of the Services from the list below to learn more about the Services that interest you.

Road Services

FAE MTH 250 Soil Stabilizer – Stone Crusher – Asphalt Grinder

Just like our Wirtgen, this new road machine is PTO driven, mounted on a three point hitch, behind a 300+ HP tractor and has the same great mobility like the Wirtgen machine. The FAE has a max. working depth of 20 inches. It will be used for all the same applications the Wirtgen has been used for, like pulverizing asphalt on parking lots and roads and doing base stabilization with liquid products and lime or cement. The added advantage is that it can crush stones and bedrock.

Claussen Farms Road Services

The rotor is adjusted through hydraulics and can be moved up or down. In this way the volume of the grinding/mixing chamber increases based on the working depth.

An Internal HARDOX® counter knife and the rear screen system guarantees ideal sizing of the final product. This allows us to adjust the material sizing independent of the forward speed, which will increase our capacity and will reduce the work time.

The onboard Water Spray System is controlled from the cab of the tractor and allows the injection of liquid binding agents and water into the mixing chamber to optimize the stabilization process. It also helps control the rotor temperature during asphalt grinding operations.

Claussen Farms Road Services

Asphalt Crushing, Soil Stabilization & Road Conditioning

Claussen Farms Road Services

CFCF Inc. has been running the Wirtgen WS 2500 soil stabilizer steady for 3 years now. It is towed by one of the Fendt tractors and is the first machine of its kind in North America. It has superior or equal capacity as that of a self-propelled unit. The Wirtgen is also equipped with a liquid product injection system. There are several benefits to using the Wirtgen, it is very mobile and compact, capable of working in tough terrain and doesn’t tramp the worked grade. Click on the following link, for further information and more of what this machine is capable of doing:

Road Services PDF

General Applications of this Soil Stabilizer:

  • Mixing and blending of soil and/or surface materials with additives, called mixed-in-place process, mostly based on a cementitious stabilization
  • Breaking up and milling asphalt surfaces for recycling process
  • Blending existing road material with additional material up to 20" deep
  • Preparing the ground for general construction purposes
  • Levels the surface area, reverse erosion damage and control the erosion

Uses for the Wirtgen WS 2500:

  • Mixed in-place surface stabilization of dirt roads
  • Mixed-in-place Subgrade stabilization
  • Reblending of Dirt Road Materials
  • Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
  • Crushing Asphalt Based Surfaces
  • Soil Drying
Claussen Farms Road Services

Liquid Product Injection for Stabilizing Base and Sub Base:

  • Entac tall oil emulsion
  • Calcium or Magnesium Chloride
  • Salt Brine
  • Oil based products like Essoflex 250
  • Road Packer Plus synthetic stabilizer
Claussen Farms Road Services

Services and Equipment:

  • Wirtgen WS 2500 towed soil stabilizer
  • FAE MTH-250 towed soil stabilizer
  • 2 Streumaster Lime Spreader w. 3 point hitch
  • Fendt 900 CVT tractors
  • Tebbe spreader for spreading lime and lime based materials
  • Uniblade graderblade

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Lime Spreading

Claussen Farms Lime Spreading

The Streumaster SW 4 FC has a 3 point hitch which can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor. The spreading unit comprises of three individually load-engageable, self-cleaning rotary feeders which are controlled from the driver’s cab.

Lime stabilization is a proven process used for over 2000 years, some of the roads built by the Romans are still in use today.

Claussen Farms Lime Spreading

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Snow Removal

Claussen Farms Snow Removal

In 2012, we purchased a Smyth Welding snow blower which is 11ft wide and outfitted with a two-auger system. In 2014, we added an additional Smyth 132-HDD 11ft snow blower to our lineup. The new one is equipped with a third auger, which allows us to cut higher into a snow bank and it moves the snow through the machine faster. Both snow blowers are capable of blowing snow 100 feet, which is useful when clearing drifted snow away from roads and the shoulder.

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Tree Trimming

Claussen Farms Tree Trimming

The quadsaw is a four-bladed saw, mounted on a frontend loader, which is used to cut trees and branches up to 6" in diameter. It is used to clean up tree lines and fences to clear field boundaries. A following loader tractor, wheel loader or tractor with a grapple is used to clean up the cut off branches. This will increase field size, reduce tree shadows and avoid equipment damage from overhanging limbs. This can not only be used in fields, but also along snowmobile trails and other such trails.

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